Glovo = Global + Bravo
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Glovo = Global + Bravo
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Glovo = Global + Bravo

How to pronounce Glovo ?

Glovo can be pronounced as [ˈɡlɔːvɔː]

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Glovo [ˈɡlɔːvɔː] is the English pronunciation of "咯啰喔" in Chinese.

Glovo|Glo~Glo~Glovo!(Slogan in English)

咯啰喔|咯啰~咯啰~咯啰喔!(Slogan in Chinese)

You can also reach to this site via of "咯啰喔")


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2020年8月之后重新设计了一系列logo和ico. 新的Logo首字母大写,所有字母整体逆时针旋转8度让l和最后一个字母"O"差不多一样高,更具美感,同时更有一种向上的视觉。8不但是幸运数,逆旋这8度视觉效果也刚刚好,颜色也改为5彩色,同时还设计了带中文/Slogan的各系列Logo。



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