4 elements for good impression

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1,No "Prefix" TheFacebook.com ➜ Facebook.com

2,No "Suffix" VIPshop.com ➜ VIP.com

3,Easy to identify

4,".com" of course


The domain name Ass.com was sold for $6M USD in cash + Royalty


In Chongqing,China.5G is everywhere in cities/towns,5G is also ready in many rural areas.

Here is your takeaway ,have a nice meal.

Tianhe :"Let me order some food in the sky,Kung Pao Chicken,Mapo Tofu,Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs..."

Beijing: "Roger that,In preparation, it will be delivery out soon."

Tianzhou: "It is the super carrier,I'm on the way."

Fictional dialogue