Domain Name First.

Trying to acquire a premium domain name preparing for future.

Prepared in advance is always good though it cost money.

Spend money in advance  may also save a lot of money.

Hope the owner is willing to sell it,

and the price is not too much expensive.

God bless!

It is too late if others especially internet giants like BAT acquired it.

As for these giants,

They may spend a lot of money for a domain,

but they will never sell any domain for a lot of money.

About Glovo Contact Number.

For Personal Privacy Protection.

No Glovo Contact Number opened to the public.

Do NOT try to call me.Even if you know the number.

Do Not Call,Do Not Call,Do Not Call !!!

The prefered and only contact method  is email.

Go to the URL below to get the email.

Glovo Contact

Windows 11 review

What a f*ck.

The right-click menu cancelled in windows 11 taskbar.

Dragging a file onto an app in the taskbar to open in that app is also not supported again in windows 11

Glovo Review

Glovo Contact

Glovo Contact email
E-Mail above is the preferred and only contact.