acquires domain for US$1.5MM in cash and CA$2.8MM in equity and Canadian crypto trading platform have entered into a domain sale agreement that will see Kogan sell the domain name to Bitbuy's parent company, First Ledger.

Kogan owns and manages a portfolio of domain names, including

Under the sales agreement, Kogan will receive $1.5 million in cash and a warrant entitling the company to approximately CA$2.8 million in either equity in First Ledger or cash upon exercise of the warrant, which will occur within a year of the domain name being transferred to First Ledger.

V2021.12302,Goodbye 2021,Welcome 2022

Glovo V2021.12302

  • Bug fixed.
  • CSS change,Adjust Layout,Especially for mobile device.

The last version update in 2021,may also be the last version for WordPress.

Goodbye 2021,Welcome 2022.

Try something new in 2022.

There is nothing permanent except change.

14 domain's sold price exceed $1 Million USD in 2021

According to the public list,There are 14 domains sold for $1 million or more this year, and the minimum required to hit the top 10 was an astounding $1.945 million.

These are sales with price disclosed to the public,It is just the tip of the iceberg,as most buyers/sellers tend to remain private.

Cause it only list sales paid in cash,Sales like domain name$1.5 mm in cash + CA$2.8 mm in equity) ,is not in the list

The pandemic made digital assets more important than ever before.

The 14 domains are...

Top 14 domain sold price exceed $1 million

To creat a web App without code


Thanks to the convert tool,It is possible to creat a web App without code.

Plan to convert Glovo Search to an independent App.