Windows 11 review

What a f*ck.

The right-click menu cancelled in windows 11 taskbar.

Dragging a file onto an app in the taskbar to open in that app is also not supported again in windows 11

Glovo Review

Plenty of strange emails

Plenty of strange emails received.

It doesn't looks like a spam.

So I replied with kind hearted,Just let you know you made mistakes.

Plenty of strange emails

Customer services/User Experience:Details determine success or failure.

Easy to contact,Customer services contact info should be placed in a conspicuous place。

Using a non-existent address like [email protected] to send email to the customer is really bad,
To make matters worse, no Tel number/email address displayed/linked in the email.

The customer don't care who is behind the call/email,who is in charge of,
Anyone been contacted represent the company in his view.

Don't take it for granted that all your customers were smart enough,
If so,you are the fool.