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20 Jun,COVID-19 situation

US patient received 840,000 USD bill after 2 weeks COVID-19 treatment

Crazy??? A lot of people can't afford it.

Lucky in China!!!

In China,The government paid all the fees for covid-19 patients(including treatment fees and the cost in quarantine period) when covid-19 outbreak,No matter you are rich or poor,with or without insurance.You never worry about the fees,The government paid all the fees as long as you followed the quarantine policy.This is one of the reasons why China can contain the pandemic in short time.

Two App launched for free download by WHO

13 May,2020,WHO announced the launch of the WHO Academy app designed to support health workers during COVID-19, and the WHO Info app designed to inform the general public.

WHO Academy:(For Health workers)

The app provides health workers with mobile access to a wealth of COVID-19 knowledge resources, developed by WHO, that include up-to-the-minute guidance, tools, training, and virtual workshops that will help them care for COVID-19 patients and protect themselves.

The application is available for free download from both  Apple App Store and Google Play Store. in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Who Info:(For the public)

The WHO Info app which will give millions of people real-time mobile access to the latest news and developments. WHO has developed the app from the ground up with an intuitive user-interface and a clean, smart design. From the COVID-19 front, the WHO Info app will provide the latest WHO initiatives, partnerships, and to up-to-date information on the race to find medicines and vaccines for fighting the disease. The number of COVID-19 cases, organized by country, and by timelines, are continually updated in the app from the official WHO COVID-19 data streams.

The WHO Info app is available for free download from both  Apple App Store and Google Play Store


#Disclaimer by Neither App is a App. WHO(World Health Organization) launched just posted this information.

Some west developed countries need to invest more in hospital after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Can't imagine that the  only superpower country of USA only has 2.8 beds per 1000 inhabitants,Comparing to 13.1 of Japan,12.3 of South Korea.

Hospital beds per 1,000 people(data in 2017), via the OECD:
Japan 13.1
South Korea: 12.3
Russia: 8.1
Germany: 8.0
France: 6.0
China: 4.3 (in 2017,4.6 in 2019)
Italy: 3.2
Spain: 3.0
USA: 2.8
UK: 2.5

Then it is easy to understand why South Korea can contain the pandemic even though no lock down of any city.
Though China has only 4.3(in 2017,4.6 in 2019) hospital beds per 1,000 people.Not so much,but the number is rising every year.
China has shown that it’s possible to mitigate bed limitations by rapidly building hospitals to meet demand.
Besides,19 provinces of China have sent over 40K medical staff immediately to Hubei when Wuhan lock down.

Challenges and opportunities in 100 days' fight against COVID-19 pandemic


- On January 30, 2020, when the WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a public health emergency of international concern, many people might not have expected it to turn into the worst public health crisis in a century.

- One hundred days on from sirens wailing, some 3.7 million people have been infected by the virus, and over 260,000 lost their lives.

- Under the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries saw their health systems overstretched, economies forced into standstills, human contacts reduced and social governance questioned.

- Searching for a way out of the crisis underlines the importance of building a community with a shared future for mankind. Read More