Braised Short Ribs | 红烧排骨

How to make braised short ribs? | 红烧排骨的做法

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Ingredients | 原料:
Pork Ribs | 猪肋排
Leek | 大葱
Chive | 小葱
Ginger | 姜
Garlic | 大蒜
Chilli | 干辣椒
Sichuan Pepper | 花椒
Cinnamon | 桂皮
Star Anise | 八角
Edible oil | 食用油
Salt | 食盐
Crystal Sugar | 冰糖
Cooking Wine | 料酒
Light Soy Sauce | 生抽

As for foreigner,Learing Chinese Language before learning Chinese cooking. Haha.


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