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Once for a whole life

Once for a whole day

in a temple with burning incense I meditated

suddenly I seemed to hear

the resonance of your recitation in my ear.

Once for a whole eve

I listened to the soulful chant in relief

not for enlightment in quest

but to feel your living breath

Once for a whole month

I turned all prayer wheels in earnest

not for repenting sins

but to touch your fingertips

Once for a whole year

on all fours to dust I came near

not for worshipping gods

but to feel your warmth in love

Once for a whole life

I journeyed through ten thousand spires

not for rebirth to complete

but to meet you in destiny

Once in a split second

I may ascend as a spirit

not for eternity

but to bless with joy and security

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Goodbye 2021,Welcome 2022.

Try something new in 2022.

There is nothing permanent except change.