The Difference of Online Food Delivery between China and the Oversea.



The transport for couriers is either Motorcycle or Electric Motorcycle.


Diversity.Car,Motorcycle,Bicycle,Scooter,Even Public Bus or Walking.

Orders per delivery


The courier always carry more than 1 order in the box tied to the rear seat of motorcycle/e-bike.It is common that a courier go to carry another order during deliverying.If the restraurant is just down stair,Don't imagine you will receive the order in minutes when you noticed the courier taked it,Most likely they will carry your order inside the box to delivery another order.You have to wait.The route is not direct from the resturant to the customers.The couriers' algorithm is to ensure all the orders to be deliveried in time,Rather than make the lowest distance with lowest time.An experienced courier can delivery 30 to 50 orders per day.Even 60 orders.All best courier are KILLER OF OVERALL PLANNING.The same time or distance,They deliveried more orders.which means more money.


1 order at one time.Then go to pick another order after it delivered. The route of the courier is from the resturant direct to the customer.

Couriers' Income.


Middle income in the city.

Many young people choose to be a courier rath than a factory worker.


Lowest income in the city.

In time


In time is common.


In time is not so much common,Over time is common.

Glovo China

The food delivery services oversea has much room for improvement.

PS:China is the largest single market with Online Food Delivery.Over $100 Billion USD,Much more than EU + USA,Almost the totale of the rest of the world.Meituan alone has exceed 30 Million orders in one single day in 2019.Meituan's market cap is much more than Uber,Though Uber is in many countries,but Meituan is almost only in China.

Meituan Revenue Report

Meituan Delivery man

According to Meituan's report.The largest business segement is Food Takeaway.But the most profitable business is Out-of-Home Consumption,Tickets&Hotels Booking.The largest loss is its new business segement

Food Takeaway is its core business,contributing about 60% of its revenue.But Out-of-Home Consumption,Tickets&Hotels Booking contributing more profit due to Higher Gross Profit Margin.Meituan is already a SuperApp,And is still expanding new business to cover all aspects in life.

Meituan Stock