Chinese President Xi calls for global synergy against COVID-19

"The COVID-19 pandemic has once again proved that only building a community with a shared future for mankind is the right way forward." ---President Xi
"只有构建人类命运共同体才是人间正道." ---习近平

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday urged countries around the world to replace their differences with solidarity, eliminate prejudice with reason, and foster great synergy against the COVID-19 pandemic.

He made the remarks in a telephone conversation with his Uzbek counterpart, Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

On behalf of the Chinese government and people, Xi extended sincere sympathies and firm support to their Uzbek counterparts over their fight against the coronavirus disease.

The COVID-19 pandemic has once again proved that only building a community with a shared future for mankind is the right way forward, Xi pointed out, adding that solidarity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons in the fight, which has the well-being of all humanity and the development and prosperity of the world at stake.

Countries across the world, he suggested, should strengthen cooperation to overcome the current difficulties and safeguard the common homeland of mankind.

It is a fine tradition in bilateral relations for China and Uzbekistan to share weal and woe and help each other through thick and thin, Xi stressed.

Recalling that the Uzbek government and society extended a helping hand to China in the toughest period in China's battle against the contagious disease, Xi said the Chinese people are also concerned about the outbreak in the Central Asian country.

Aid supplies from the Chinese government, local governments and enterprises have been arriving in Uzbekistan, and experts from the two countries have shared their experience in COVID-19 prevention and control via teleconferencing, noted Xi, adding that China will continue providing support and assistance for Uzbekistan's fight against the epidemic.

The Chinese president said he hopes that Uzbekistan will continue protecting the normal work and life of Chinese nationals on its soil, and believes that under Mirziyoyev's strong leadership, the Uzbek people will surely overcome the epidemic.

China-Uzbekistan relations enjoy a solid foundation and great potential, Xi said, adding that the two sides should continue firmly supporting each other and translating challenges into opportunities.

While joining hands to combat the pandemic, Xi added, the two countries should promote all-round cooperation in a flexible manner, and ensure the smooth implementation of those projects they have agreed upon within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.

He also suggested that China and Uzbekistan deepen collaboration in such multilateral mechanisms as the World Health Organization (WHO) and work together to maintain world peace and development.

For his part, Mirziyoyev said that under Xi's wise leadership, the Chinese government has taken firm, decisive and highly effective measures and brought the epidemic under control in a short time.

The Chinese people have shown incredible solidarity, cooperation and courage, and set an example for other countries, he added.

He thanked the Chinese government and people for providing selfless humanitarian assistance for Uzbekistan at its most difficult time, noting that thanks to China's valuable experience and help, Uzbekistan has made remarkable progress in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

Facts have proved that China is a reliable friend of Uzbekistan, said Mirziyoyev, adding that Xi can rest assured that Uzbekistan will treat Chinese nationals in the country like its own citizens and take good care of them.

Mirziyoyev said he fully agrees with Xi that, in the current situation, the international community should strengthen solidarity and cooperate closely within multilateral frameworks such as the WHO and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

He added that he looks forward to meeting with Xi as soon as possible after the pandemic, so as to promote the joint construction of the Belt and Road and the continuous development of bilateral cooperation in various fields.

The Uzbek side, he said, stands ready to work with China to promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.