Meta(facebook) spends $60MM in cash on Domains & Trademark to secure its new name in USA

$60MM is just the beginning,It has to acquire trademarks and ccTLD(,,, in various countries.The total cost for the name Meta may be Hundreds of millions dollars.

Facebook's parent company Meta is determined to spend USD 60 Million to acquire the naming rights owned by the US bank Meta Financial Group, the latter company disclosed in a recent regulatory filing. 

 In order to acquire the Meta name and related brands, including Metabank and Metafinancial

All Meta-related domain names and social media accounts are to be transferred to a shell company, Beige Key LLC, owned by Facebook.

The most important in the portofio are the right of Metabank(Trademark and domain, Metafinancial(trademark and domain and MetaPay(Trademark and domain

The 181 Meta Domains as follows

Read More domain acquired for $1,945,000

Exodus Movement,a company involved in the crypto field,has disclosed that they purchased the domain name for USD $1,945,000. This was revealed in a recent SEC filing(page 21):

The Company purchased the domain name in the first quarter of 2021 for $1.9 million. The Company considers the domain name to be an indefinite-lived asset so no amortization will be recognized.

While page 21 of the SEC filing mentions the $1.9 million figure, the more precise figure of $1,945,000 can be found on page 9, where the “Indefinite-lived asset” is listed directly on the balance sheet. & seem to be sold

Roulette WHOIS information by Glovo Whois Search

It seems that and sold.Both domains transfered to Safenames,A brand management services provider.Most likely the same buyer.

You may not known, has supported the WHOIS query for hundreds of domain extentions.

Just type in the domain in the input box above and go,then you got the WHOIS infomation.

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