About Glovo|咯啰喔

Glovo = Global + Bravo
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Glovo = Global + Bravo
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About Glovo|咯啰喔:

Glovo = Global + Bravo

How to pronounce Glovo ?

Glovo can be pronounced as [ˈɡlɔːvɔː]

Glovo|咯啰喔 ,including website(Chongqing-based blog) and emails is privately owned.is not connected or affiliated with any other third party company, organization or trademark.[In particular, No relationship between Glovo(Website Glovo.com) and GlovoApp(Website GlovoApp.com)]


Glovo [ˈɡlɔːvɔː] is the English pronunciation of "咯啰喔" in Chinese.

Glovo|Glo~Glo~Glovo!(Slogan in English)

咯啰喔|咯啰~咯啰~咯啰喔!(Slogan in Chinese)

You can also reach to this site via geluowo.com(Pinyin of "咯啰喔")


About 新Logo系列:

2020年8月之后重新设计了一系列logo和ico. 新的Logo首字母大写,所有字母整体逆时针旋转8度让l和最后一个字母"O"差不多一样高,更具美感,同时更有一种向上的视觉。8不但是幸运数,逆旋这8度视觉效果也刚刚好,颜色也改为5彩色,同时还设计了带中文/Slogan的各系列Logo。



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About Contents & Information:

Glovo.com does not guarantee the preciseness or authenticity of the content.Not responsible for any possible damage caused by your failure to comprehend the context of content. There may be some contents posted/forwarded for fun or just for emotional catharsis. By accessing Glovo.com you fully agree that you are aware of and consent to this.



How to contact Glovo.com?

Use your Phone to scan the QR Code on the left,Then you get the email.


E-Mail 📧 is the preferred and only contact.


Once for a whole life

Once for a whole day

in a temple with burning incense I meditated

suddenly I seemed to hear

the resonance of your recitation in my ear.

Once for a whole eve

I listened to the soulful chant in relief

not for enlightment in quest

but to feel your living breath

Once for a whole month

I turned all prayer wheels in earnest

not for repenting sins

but to touch your fingertips

Once for a whole year

on all fours to dust I came near

not for worshipping gods

but to feel your warmth in love

Once for a whole life

I journeyed through ten thousand spires

not for rebirth to complete

but to meet you in destiny

Once in a split second

I may ascend as a spirit

not for eternity

but to bless with joy and security