Some west developed countries need to invest more in hospital after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Can't imagine that the  only superpower country of USA only has 2.8 beds per 1000 inhabitants,Comparing to 13.1 of Japan,12.3 of South Korea.

Hospital beds per 1,000 people(data in 2017), via the OECD:
Japan 13.1
South Korea: 12.3
Russia: 8.1
Germany: 8.0
France: 6.0
China: 4.3 (in 2017,4.6 in 2019)
Italy: 3.2
Spain: 3.0
USA: 2.8
UK: 2.5

Then it is easy to understand why South Korea can contain the pandemic even though no lock down of any city.
Though China has only 4.3(in 2017,4.6 in 2019) hospital beds per 1,000 people.Not so much,but the number is rising every year.
China has shown that it’s possible to mitigate bed limitations by rapidly building hospitals to meet demand.
Besides,19 provinces of China have sent over 40K medical staff immediately to Hubei when Wuhan lock down.