2 Clubhouse Companies VS 1 Clubhouse.com Domain

There were 2 company named Clubhouse before.
One was a Social Video App company ( Hereinafter as "Clubhouse App") which use the domain JoinClubhouse.com

Another was a Software Company focused in Collaboration Products (Hereinafter as "Clubhouse Software"), which use the domain Clubhouse.io.

It is interesting that none of them use the perfect domain Clubhouse.com.

What happened later is more interesting.

The “Clubhouse App”(JoinClubhouse.com) acquired the domain Clubhouse.com and upgraded its domain to Clubhouse.com quickly.

The “Clubhouse Software”(Clubhouse.io) acknowledged that it lose the chance to acquire the domain Clubhouse.com.Then it acquired Shortcut.com and rebrand its company name to Shortcut.