Glovo Experience:JD Delivery time

Glovo Experience:JD Delivery time

Due to its Local warehouses and self built logistics,the obvious advantages of

The delivery time of JD is much less than other e-shopping platforms.
Buy anything in the mornning,You will get it in the afternoon of the same-day.

Make it Exact Match both in English and Chinese

Google –>
Microsoft –>
Apple –>
Alibaba|阿里巴巴 –> (“alibaba” is pinyin of “阿里巴巴”)
Baidu|百度 –> (“baidu” is pinyin of “百度”)
taobao|淘宝 –> (“taobao” is pinyin of “淘宝”)
They are Exact match in English or Chinese Pinyin.

Glovo|咯啰喔 –> + (“geluowo” is pinyin of “咯啰喔”, And “glovo” is the English pronunciation of “咯啰喔”)

Further more, Glovo|咯啰喔 is exact match both in English and Chinese Pinyin.
No mater you remember “glovo” in English,or “咯啰喔” in Chinese,you can reach here directly.