Accenture acquired domain: for $2M USD

A 3-letter domain was sold for $2M USD,The detail WHOIS data changed yesterday.It indicate that the buyer is Accenture.It seems that Accenture acquired this domain for Accenture Federal Services ( services for goverment).The domain is also forwarding to Accenture.

Due to the uniqueness of domain, and Accenture is a fortune 500 company with Market Cap over 200 Bn USD. All other companies with same name "AFS" lose their chance to use

AFS.COM WHOIS info by WHOIS Lookup

2 Clubhouse Companies VS 1 Domain

There were 2 company named Clubhouse before.
One was a Social Video App company ( Hereinafter as "Clubhouse App") which use the domain

Another was a Software Company focused in Collaboration Products (Hereinafter as "Clubhouse Software"), which use the domain

It is interesting that none of them use the perfect domain

What happened later is more interesting.

The “Clubhouse App”( acquired the domain and upgraded its domain to quickly.

The “Clubhouse Software”( acknowledged that it lose the chance to acquire the domain it acquired and rebrand its company name to Shortcut.

New China-Europe freight train route links China's Chongqing with Ukraine

A freight train loaded with 50 containers of machinery and equipment left southwest China's Chongqing Municipality Sunday for capital of Ukraine, marking the launch of Chongqing's new freight train route.

The freight train is scheduled to pass through the border port of Erenhot in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and will reach its destination in mid-September.

Previously, exports from Chongqing to Ukraine had to go through Belarus or Poland rather than heading directly for Ukraine. The new route is the municipality's first direct international freight train route to Kyiv. It is expected to further facilitate trade between Europe and the western regions of China.

Chongqing is a primary hub for China-Europe freight trains. The Yuxinou (Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe) railway, which was the first China-Europe freight train route, saw 1,359 trips in the first half of 2021, up over 50 percent year on year, according to the port and logistics office of the municipal government.

Since the railway was put into operation in 2011, Yuxinou has launched more than 30 routes, connecting over 40 cities across 26 countries, and the routes have recorded over 8,000 freight train trips.